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Technology – SkyLine2D

A highly-cost effective monitoring system featuring:

  • A unique suspended chamber design, greatly reducing costs and avoiding chamber differences
  • Measure up to 30 plots using a single chamber
  • A highly instrumented chamber enabling measurement from additional sensors at all plots
  • Highly intuitive controls for ease of use, even under the harshest conditions

An ecosystem monitoring platform which enables:

  • Automated monitoring of replicated field experiments
  • Near-continuous measurements from a large number of discrete plots
  • Clear comparisons of multiple treatments
  • Quantification of diurnal, seasonal and inter-annual variations
  • Continuous operation in remote locations, with minimum maintenance

A robust system designed by field ecologists with:

  • Versatility of use in a range of systems, for example in tall crops, grasslands, mires and clear-felled forests
  • A transparent chamber for measuring gas exchanges in daylight
  • An energy saving design, enabling low power consumption for long-term unattended field operation
  • Compatibility with any make of gas analyser, to measure a range of gas fluxes and conditions