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A sample of research papers and conference presentations which reference our developmental products.


Carbon Dioxide and Methane Flux Response and Recovery From Drought in a Hemiboreal Ombrotrophic Fen.
Keane JB, Toet S, Ineson P, Weslien P, Stockdale JE and Klemedtsson L (2021) Front. Earth Sci. 8:562401. doi: 10.3389/feart.2020.562401XYZ


Guiding drained peatland management towards negative GHG emissions.
Kasimir Å, Belyazid S, Andresen L, Kljun N, Toet S, Akselsson C, Hammer E, Kritzberg E, Gärdenäs A, Vestin P, Jansson P-E and Klemedtsson L (2020) EGU2020-19120,

Impact of antibiotic pollution from wastewater irrigation on soils and agroecosystems.
Stockdale J, Sallach B, Zealand A, McCann C, Bey Ergun, Ring-Hrubesh F, Graham D, Boxall A and Toet S (2020) EGU2020-16870,

Carbon flux response and recovery to drought years in a hemi-boreal peat bog between different vegetation types.
Keane JB, Toet S, Ineson P, Weslien P and Klemedtsson, L (2020) EGU2020-13187,


Greenhouse gas emissions from the energy crop oilseed rape (Brassica napus); the role of photosynthetically active radiation in diurnal N2O flux variation.
Keane JB, Ineson P, Vallack HW, Bleui E, Bentley M, Howarth S, McNamara NP, Rowwe RL, Williams M and Toet S (2018) GCB Bioenergy (2018) 10, 306–319, doi: 10.1111/gcbb.12491

Plant-mediated greenhouse gas fluxes in a Swedish peat bog; revealing the role of individual species on landscape CO2 and CH4 exchange.
Keane JB, Ineson P, Weslien P, Toet, S and Klemedtsson L (2018) Geophys. res. abstr. Vol. 20, EGU2018-19116, 2018


The impact of warming on greenhouse gas fluxes: an experimental comparison which reveals the varied response of ecosystems to climate change.
Stockdale J and Ineson P (2016) Geophys. res. abstr. Vol. 18, EGU2016-16621, 2016

Upscaling of greenhouse gas emissions in upland forestry following clearfell.
Toet S, Keane B, Yamulki S, Blei E, Gibson-Poole S, Xenakis G, Perks M, Morison J and Ineson P (2016) Geophys. res. abstr. Vol. 18, EGU2016-13775, 2016


Analysing net CO2 exchanges over an arable crop across multiple scales.
Blei E, Toet S, Revill A, Parejo JS, Keane B, Vallack H, Stockdale J, Ineson P, Levy P, Skiba U Drewer J, Famulari D and Williams M (2015) Geophys. res. abstr. Vol. 17, EGU2015-13121, 2015


SkyLine and SkyGas: Novel automated technologies for automatic GHG flux measurements.
Ineson P and Stockdale J (2014) Geophys. res. abstr. Vol. 16, EGU2014-15417